Pressed Flowers

The best flowers for pressing are verbena, Queen Anne's Lace, larkspur, lobelia, coreopsis, dianthus, pansies and many more. What makes them desirable for pressing is their moisture content and their form. Many leaves are suitable for pressing too.

There are several methods used to press including a microwave press, the trusty phone book, heavy blotter paper, and presses made by using plywood, layers of paper and C clamps to tighten. Sometimes one uses more than one process.

The best flowers for drying are flowers with larger heads such as hydrangeas, roses, statice and various field flowers like goldenrod. They are usually bunched together and hung upside down in the basement to dry.

Did you know?

There is a difference between dried and pressed flowers. Pressed flowers are dried, but dried flowers are not pressed. Flowers that are used for pressing are quite different than flowers that are dried. The term pressed flowers refers to "flat" flowers that are also dried. The term dried flowers refers to three dimensional flowers that include the stem and leaves often presented in a bouquet or in bunches.